WIFI Information

Network Name: EncoreWest (&5G)

Password – encore11

Pool Heater and Spa Controls

Pool/Spa light zip timer is located on the interior wall just inside the patio doors going into the kitchen/living area. Spa blower and heater zip timer is on the exterior wall just outside the patio doors by the kitchen/living area. You must turn the zip timer past the 10 min mark to operate.

Pool Alarm

Both sets of patio doors leading to the pool area are equipped with an alarm. Please push button prior to going through patio door to silence alarm. If alarm sounds simply push the button and the alarm will shut off. You are allowed 10 seconds to exit through the patio doors and then the alarm will sound. This is a safety feature for our younger guests.

Garage Games Room

The garage is not available for parking a vehicle in. The garage is equipped with a games room for your enjoyment. It features the following items; Ping Pong Table, Air Hockey Table, Sit Down Arcade Game, 2 gaming chairs and a PS4 with 2 controllers, 50” Televison, 2 Pub Stools and a table. Please refrain from moving gaming items from this location or charges will be automatically billed.

Patio Area

The home has been provided with a cottage playhouse and folding picnic table. All umbrellas and items have been provided for guest enjoyment. Please assist us by ensuring umbrellas are turned down when not in use.

Pool Lift

If you as a guest wish to use the pool lift please contact Jeeves and they will set out the battery and charging station to be used for the duration of your stay. Users must be supervised at all times and use at your own risk. Please do not remove cover from pool lift.

3 in 1 Commode

For those guests requiring assistance on and off the lavatory, a commode with arm rests is available. Please contact Jeeves for more information

Trash Bins and Garbage Collection

Trash is collected every day except Tuesday and Thursday. There is no recycling at Encore as of yet. Please ensure all trash that goes into the garbage cans is bagged. The trash can is along the side of the house.

Pool Heat

Pool heat is available for the spa and pool. This is an additional cost over and above the nightly rate. Pool heat is available at $40/day. Pool heat can be added at any time during your stay. It runs from 9am-6pm each day. To heat the spa turn the zip timer past 10 mins and allow sufficient time for spa to heat. The zip timer controls the jets and heat in the spa. If you have not paid for pool heat the spa will not heat. If you desire to have pool heat for your stay, payment for the number of days must be received before the heat will be turned on.

Property Protection Insurance

All our guests are covered under a property protection insurance. This will cover all small incidentals that may

happen during your stay in our home. Broken glasses, a stained towel, damage to décor or television the list is endless, but to ensure you are not charged we ask guests to report any incidents big or small to Jeeves.

Door Code

To access the home you will require a 6 digit door code which will allow you access to the home. Enter the 6 digit code into the keypad and press the checkmark key, the door will unlock and allow opening. The door will remain unlocked until you turn the deadbolt from the inside or when leaving the house simply push any button on the door keypad and the door will lock.

Gate Entry

Upon arrival at the resort give the gate attendant our street address 231 Falls Drive, they will be aware of your arrival. If you wish to leave the resort in your vehicle simply stop by the front desk and they will issue you a gate pass for the duration of your stay. This will hang from the rearview mirror of your vehicle.

Water Park Use

All guests staying in our home have access to the resort water park during your stay. Simply proceed to the entry of the waterpark and you will be issued wrist bands to enter the water park. Identification will be required.

Baby Amenities and BBQ Rental

If you require any additional items during your stay please contact Jeeves and they would be happy to arrange the items to be delivered to you. Most items are rented on a weekly basis.