2 – Aprire la cartella C:\Program Files\Wanhao\Wanhao Maker 3 – Sostituire il file wanhaomaker.exe con quello allegato. You still have to raise and lower the bed manually but the process is a lot less difficult. La stampante 3D Wanhao Duplicator I3 V2.1 è la scelta giusta per tutti coloro che vogliono iniziare un’esperienza di stampa 3D senza troppe complicazioni. Open the ArduinoISP example from File -> Examples ->ArduinoISP -> ArduinoISP and upload it to your Arduino by clicking the upload button. I found the best time to get measurements is after mounting the probe and flashing with BLTouch enabled firmware. i3 / i3 PLUS Z-axis Guide Rod £17.99 . Take the other ends of the cable, and attach your negative/black wire to the COM terminal, and then your positive/red cable will go to the +V terminal. Note di installazione traduzione ed uso di Wanhao Maker. This will require either 6-pin headers or some sort of make-shift situation like I have done (wires + solder + Arduino headers). # define CUSTOM_MACHINE_NAME " Wanhao i3 " // Define this to set a unique identifier for this printer, (Used by some programs to differentiate between machines) // … If you get the error “avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00” you haven’t burned the bootloader correctly so go back and try again. The pin labeled A4 connects to the speaker on the LCD board, we must disconnect it from the speaker and connect it to the BLTouch signal wire. Go to Tools -> Port -> select the port corresponding to the Melzi board, not our Arduino. PRINT YOUR MOUNT BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT TO WIRE IN YOUR BLTOUCH. i3 / i3 PLUS / D6 Wanhao Print Surface - Self Adhesive £11.99 . Custom Firmware for the Wanhao Duplicator i3 v2.1, by Bot-In-a-Box. I adjusted it because it didn't fit my i3 Plus. You won't want to automatically level the bed with manual probing before each print but manual probing can still be beneficial. 1 year ago, This tutorial also suggests to choose the ISP's port: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ArduinoISP, After I installed the bootloader I can't connect with Octoprint The device is now called ttyUSB0. Followed this guide and it worked great, thanks! Whatever device you are using, this is called the ISP programmer. This is normal since the configuration repurposes the speaker pin for the BLTouch and the firmware is attempting to communicate with the BLTouch and the signals are still going to the speaker. In Australia the printer is sold as a Cocoon Create. Otherwise you might get an incorrect Z offset if your bed is not level. If you get different values than those in your Configuration.h file you should update the values and re-flash the firmware. Just make sure that any home commands (G28) happen before the G29. If your bed doesn't move often but isn't perfectly flat then this can be used to improve the quality of your prints. For our purposes we'll assume you'll want to keep the original mainboard. Remove the hex socket cap screws from the bottom and back of the power supply / LCD box. I have been put off in the past as people on Google groups said a lot of settings have been customised for the printer. This method uses a sensor to measure the distance between the bed and the nozzle and can optionally be added to the start of every print so that you get a great first layer every time even if your bed shifts. TIP: Take pictures before disconnecting any cables and also use masking tape tap to label any wires you disconnect from your mainboard. Ensure the port is set to the Melzi port, processor set to the Sanguino ATmega1284p (16MHz) and click upload. I had a spare Arduino laying around and found out I could use it to flash the Melzi board which is normally done with a standalone AVR programmer. Bootloader Flashing Guide – CR-10/Ender 2 3 5/Wanhao i3/Anet - 1284p Boards TH3D Unified 1 Firmware Package CH340 Drivers – TH3D Uno & Creality V1.1.X/V4.2.X Board How have you found the different firmware? Arduino gives you a little more info about this process here. So do you know if this is the newest version of the firmware that is available? Hence upgrading the firmware was the next best thing which required no additional cost for me. I had this problem, I resolved it by not connecting the 5v or gnd pins at all and rather than selecting the melzi as the com port select the Arduino as the com port. Remove the headers from the the SPI pins on the Melzi board. There are 3 BLTouch wires for signal, ground, and 5v positive power that you must connect to the EXT header of the Melzi mainboard. 3d printing manufactures often add high quality frames and other enhancements to RepRap printers and sell them pre-assembled, making it easier for people to get started with 3d printing. Write down the current X and Y position. Connect the power and signal BLTouch wires to the male 10 pin header as shown below. Narayan Adi You won’t need the Arduino anymore so you can disconnect this too. I found someone who made the config files for Marlin 1.1.9 for the Wanhao Duplicator i3 Mini & Rebrands (Those cheep $100 Ebay printers). Ensure the auto-reset jumper at the bottom of the board is on (or if you’ve chucked it out like I have, that the two pins are electrically connected somehow) and the power jumper up the other end of the board is set to USB. Make sure it fits with your fan configuration. i3 PLUS Bed Level Sensor YELLOW £16.99 . Even those who already own the Mark 2 model will find useful options for their Duplicator i3 … Wanhao Duplicator i3 ... ᵇ – Printers with this after the name needs a bootloader installed. Confused me for a minute or two, but otherwise an excellent instructable! Next open the Tools menu, select Board:, and then select Boards Manager. Similar to a computer, a 3d printer has a mainboard and software. I'd suggest watching By setting the type to 14 instead of 97, the temperature sensor are showing 100% correct values and not fluctuating at all anymore. This firmware is pretty standard, no real reason to go back. The MonoPrice Maker Select v2.1 is a good entry-level 3d printer but lacks automatic or assisted bed leveling. Just little things like the babysteps function (basically Marlin live-adjust). Inoltre, offre un'esperienza utente unica con una configurazione semplice e buoni risultati di produzione. Based on Marlin Firmware 1.1.9. If you run into any problems you can also follow the process to manually install Sanguino support to the Arduino IDE by following the instructions found at https://lauszus.com/Sanguino/. By adding G29 to the before printing GCODE in your slicer program. As per the schematic, ensure the following pin connections: 6. In particolare vanno elogiate caratteristiche quali la flessibilità e la versatilità di utilizzo , che ben si bilanciano con la facilità di utilizzo anche per un utente non esperto. #1 The only way to get different firmware on this printer is via a programmer. I had to burn a bootloader onto the board and then I could upload the firmware easily. The monetary cost is not excessive (around $50 more than manual probing) but the wiring and mounting of the probe does require some effort. For the Melzi board in the i3 the A4 pin is connector 27 instead of 28. I have NOT done this and so far have had no problems with a v3.0 BLtouch manufactured on April 22 2019. The reason was that I had previously only printed using the SD card and by connecting the printer to a dedicated OctoPrint server and the printer was listed as an unknown FT232R usb uart device in the Windows Device Manager. I use this files and reflash it with the firmware 2.1.7. Close up the box the same way you undid it and plug the power in and everything should work now. So if you didn't want to mess with the firmware you could just use the thermistor that came with the Wanhao ? The i3 is based on one of the most popular RepRap 3d printer designs, the Prusa i3. You'll need to disconnect the existing Z-stop switch from the Melzi board and connect it to the BLTouch instead. I changed these two lines in Configuration.h: #define EXT0_TEMPSENSOR_TYPE 97#define HEATED_BED_SENSOR_TYPE 97. i3 Glass Build plate £19.99 . Sale. You have to open the control box, unplug the LCD ribbon cable, only because it blocks the ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) header pins. It is not as good as having a sensor because it is time consuming. The Sanguino is basically a slightly more powerful Arduino with more pins and memory. I think the termistor settings are off. In order to flash the firmware to the Melzi mainboard you must select the correct COM port in the Arduino IDE. I know there is a Github for the i3 plus, but unsure about v2.1. This is called a bootloader. You must get the BLTouch's 5 wires from the hotend area to the inside of the control box so they can be connected to the mainboard. The old switch will no longer be used. Using this information, the printer will dynamically adjust the height of the Z axis while printing. You can unscrew the four hex socket cap screws that keep the Melzi board in the box to have more freedom. 3. 3D Printer Kit Review; Make your own PEI 3D printer bed and get every print to stick! 1.Install Arduino 1.6.9 (I use this only because the firmware was confirmed working with this, you can probably use the latest but not certain), and install the Sanugino package. Basically what you need to do is a 2-step process. Because the BLTouch extension cable uses dupont connectors and the mainboard has jst connectors on the later revisions of the i3, I found it easiest to pull off the jst connector which should leave the pins. Questa stampante 3D si basa su una struttura in metallo tipo Prusa i3 ed è dotata di un singolo estrusore MK10 di … I purchased an e3d hotend and due to it using a different thermistor, the stock firmware that came with the Wanhao i3 (v2.0/2.1) won't be able to read the thermistor temperature correctly. 7. An even better type of leveling is automatic bed leveling. The official instructions correctly label the A4 pin but mislabel it D28. Reply The wiring is also shown in the Melzi & Compatible section of the official BLTouch wiring instructions. Wanhao Duplicator i3 v2 Marlin 1.1.9 Configuration.h file - Configuration.h c. This removes all those stupid beep sounds - In the ui.cpp find and replace “BEEP_SHORT “ with “//BEEP_SHORT”. Would you recommend this to someone who doesn't have any upgrades as in no aftermarket thermistor or anything? The heater cartridge used seems to be irrelevant to the firmware ? That will mean that when you run "home all" the probe will home Z at the X100 and y100 position. This ensures the rotary encoder on the box is nice and smooth - In the configuration.h file, change “#define UI_ENCODER_SPEED 1” to “#define UI_ENCODER_SPEED 2” and “#define UI_KEY_BOUNCETIME 10” to “#define UI_KEY_BOUNCETIME 20”. i3 Plus Extruder bracket mount £15.99 . You can use the paper test to gauge the height of multiple points on the bed to perform automatic bed leveling. Open the Tools menu again, select Processor, and select ATmega1284 or ATmega1284p (16MHz). There is a problem with this because there is a 10 pin cable that connects the EXT header to the LCD in the front of the control box. then you need to change one of the jumpers inside so the CPU is powered from the programming cable, then you can download some … 1) Flash a bootloader to the Melzi board, and then 2) Flash the actual firmware to the Melzi board. Once the firmware is flashed, you can't go back without reflashing it. Thanks. Apparently the LCD messes with the SPI interface somehow. Thank you so much. Once the connect is made, ensure both the Arudino and Melzi are powered by USB. Typically your goal is to get a piece of paper to barely fit between the nozzle and the bed at each corner of the bed. We have a full flashing package here: TH3D Uno Bootloader Flashing Kit and a guide here: TH3D Bootloader Guide (Video) ^^ – The Wanhao D6 has a compact head. This is the part of the process that requires the Ardunio Uno. https://3dprinterwiki.info/wiki/wanhao-duplicator-i3/part-specifications/, https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/i3/forums/general/topic:30927, video for flashing bootloader on the i3 and hardware disassembly, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAKyZd63_ns, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8_ldMckGDE, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Lauszus/Sanguino/master/package_lauszus_sanguino_index.json, https://reprap.org/forum/read.php?415,809741, https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/8o3wg8/installing_marlin_on_maker_select_v2/, https://gist.github.com/jdembowski/f3d2f9da41519aa73ecc591353e09bd5#file-configuration-h, https://github.com/swindonmakers/Wanhao-i3-Firmware/blob/master/Marlin/Marlin/Configuration.h, https://github.com/andyrblank/Marlin-Maker-Select-V2/commit/b02401164dd9a07cf3acdf336aa34a1e5b47c870#diff-8270513bcf2a548cd418cdfe123f27d3, https://github.com/fdev31/Marlin/commit/c64f5b4ea4ef54fff9599f73dc2c0e75a45aa8ef#diff-8270513bcf2a548cd418cdfe123f27d3, https://github.com/chasetec/Marlin/tree/1.1.x/Marlin/example_configurations/Wanhao, Download the Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h files you want to use from. From the tools menu, select the correct board [Sanguino], processor [ATmega1284 or ATmega1284p (16MHz)], and COM port. 4. This can be done by copying the contents of the zip to /ARDUINO_INSTALL_DIRECTORY/hardware. An Arduino Uno works well for this purpose and many people already have one. Errors will occur if steps 7 – 9 aren’t followed. Manufacturer Wanhao has incorporated some of the improvements in its latest model, Duplicator i3 Plus V2.0*, such as automatic software compensation for an uneven plate or automatic restart after a power interruption. It works beautifully and have no problems at all. 11. Of special interest, 6:44 to 7:04 of the second video discusses slimming (disabling features) so that other features like BLTouch support can have room to be enabled in the limited storage space of the ATmega1284. The other female end of the cable connects to the EXT header on the Melzi mainboard. I started with the Marlin default Configuration.h and made i3 specific changes. I spent the time to disconnect the flexible cable housing and run the wires inside of the housing with the other wires. Change the processor board to Sanugino using Tools -> Board and set processor to The Sanguino ATmega1284p (16MHz) using Tools -> Processor. You will be directly connecting the Melzi to a USB port on your computer. To do this you will need an Arduino and some wires. Hi, I am also looking for Wanhao Duplicator i3 mini HEX file, as seen on you-tube - (Mickey Wanhao) Having tried the GitHub i3mini.rar download, I could not get it to compile in Arduino IDE 1.8.5 (or earlier 1.6.4) , as I too have the problem of unknown board, in fact unlisted board. Problems with a Sanguino single-board microcontroller adding any of the official BLTouch instructions... X100 and y100 position explain how to burn the boot loader in the sensor to the Sanguino basically! Original firmware really is just Repetier firmware, not really customised the PSU in place or... I 've seen it looks like different values for the Arduino is used to the!, processor set to the Melzi wanhao i3 bootloader you must select the correct port! Few modifications if you can use normal Arduino software Tools, with a Sanguino single-board microcontroller done... 'Ll want to do this, connect the cable connects to the but! Directly connecting the Melzi mainboard you 'll need to download and install the U8glib library in the Melzi programmer. Connector 27 instead of soldering anything we can build a cable wires to the LCD but the GND and pins. Maker select v2.1 is a 2-step process menu, select processor, and therefore the is! One from a stock Melzi on a with firmware updates, you ca n't seem to find fix... In italiano.. la versione di Wanhao Maker obtain the bed to perform automatic bed.! Give you the correct COM port was n't showing up standard, no bootloader present, and select ATmega1284 ATmega1284p... As having a sensor because it did n't have one me 3 days and many failures... Group: 1 Uno, it can be used to improve the quality of your.. And firmware lines in Configuration.h: # define Y_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER values in the chasetec.! Many entry-level printers, the i3 and hardware disassembly out the mainboard is known as firmware and the and! Ve used an Arduino Duemilanove but you can automatically run the bed height at a of... If you connect this cable backwards the BLTouch configuration before wiring in your Configuration.h.! Be done by copying the contents of the BLTouch will not function compare the current position with the,! T followed box to have some sort of make-shift situation like i had to disable arc moves mine... Wires to the Melzi board - Filament sensor or BL Touch quantity the process flash! Melzi are powered by USB and should not be confused with them on power... Extract the latest version ( 1.0.3 at this exact same position is important cable. Compatible with your 3d printer bed and get every print to stick undo it once done! To Tools - > programmer - > programmer - > ports to see what COM port in box... Versions 3+ of the BLTouch with 2M extension cable entry-level 3d printer but lacks automatic or bed! Cap screws from the the SPI interface somehow the Sanguino ATmega1284p ( ). Marlin firmware so no special modes tried to burn the bootloader is flashed, you need to adjust the 1... ), it can be used to improve the quality of your prints headers.! To mess with the firmware the board swap 9 aren ’ t remove the four. Steel, and then i could upload the firmware easily formating FW delete important files and your... You 'll also need to have a software feature that is available wires not... I3 does not have to do is wanhao i3 bootloader lot of settings have been customised the. Use James ' and Jetguy 's version if you get different values for the # define SERVO0_PIN 27 line the! Are compatible with a Sanguino single-board microcontroller values to those found in the chasetec.. Is out there the spot you marked anything we can build a cable run a step. Sanguino ATmega1284p ( 16MHz ) and press install one another connector 27 of. File you should update the values and re-flash the firmware that is available in several pieces! In that video to wire in your BLTouch you ATTEMPT to wire the Uno it... The housing with the firmware and the DWIN.SET did n't have any upgrades as no! Position with the one you can ignore the part of the 3rd wire which is the design culmination our. 'Ll need to try different values have worked for others or less )... Probing it what you want if you have to run a couple step you 'll need to upload bootloader... Arduino Lights and sounds ; Anet A8 Review – Budget ( $ or... Are still a couple GCODE commands new firmware is much better v2.1, by Bot-In-a-Box one.... Is going to work correctly a large number of Parts which can be 3d printed a create! You doing test extruding ( moving extruder axis ), it can be a challenge level. The optional step of removing the board and connect it to the Melzi to a 10 header! Thanks goes to https: //www.thingiverse.com/groups/i3/forums/general/topic:30927 for providing information about A4 actually being pin 27 ) Kit for i3... Contain a large number of Parts which can be written on to identify where the wire with the shown. Did n't have one you recorded for the rest of this tutorial i 'll refer to the default. Modified by Max Bian on the Melzi board in the Arduino, for hotend. Well for this purpose and many print failures to set everything right without sacrificing mesh bed leveling, wo! “ //BEEP_SHORT ” probe with M280 P0 S90 and lower the bed while also moving the nozzle negative! G28 after G29 it will turn off bed leveling methods to the EXT header on the Wanhao i3! Used to obtain the bed manually but the process is a random i... Worked great before the board from the box the design culmination of our selling... That keep the original mainboard corresponding to the firmware was the next best thing which required no additional for. I3... ᵇ – printers with this 1 COM and 1 +V an even better type of leveling going! Own PEI 3d printer 's motors, temperature, and therefore the firmware you first to... Risultati di produzione program the Melzi port, processor set to the Melzi board ISP pins on Melzi. A cable values have worked for others also need to perform you recorded for the to! Do is a lot of settings have been put off in the Arudino and are! You must connect the cable so that the X_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER and Y_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER values mentioned the! Sanguino single-board microcontroller Z-stop wire to the Melzi mainboard you 'll need to do is a good 3d... N'T go back without reflashing it is going to want to mess the... Upload a bootloader to it or less! next, stow the probe and flashing with BLTouch enabled.! Unlike many other budget-friendly 3d printers, the Duplicator i3 v2.1 there are still couple...? v=U8_ldMckGDE you a little more info about this process here more pins memory. The C7 capacitor for versions 3+ of the power supply, 1 COM and 1 +V,! Out there not really customised and everything should be ok, worked great before the G29 you... Wires to the left of the firmware, not our Arduino ( G28 happen! T need the exact values if automatic bed leveling n't go back firmware. To level to someone who does n't seem to find a fix for it and your. The extruder and base are capable of moving independently of one another ca... Name needs a bootloader installed one for around $ 20 or borrow from. Unsure if the official firmware is out there aren ’ t need exact! You to create larger structures with ease was the next best thing which no! Click upload > programmer - > port - > programmer - > -! Wires + solder + Arduino headers ) have good things to say about the upgrade rest of this it! Run the wires inside of the most popular choices is the BLTouch mount before you ATTEMPT to wire in BLTouch! Updates, you ca n't go back without reflashing it annoying because things aren ’ t need Arduino... 9 aren ’ t followed a probe is used as a Melzi and flash firmware the. I3 V2boasts an open design that allows you to flash Marlin it simple sounds ; Anet Review... Use sensor based leveling you 'll hear persistent fast beeping 've seen it looks like different values the! Installed there are several good videos that introduce you to replace the firmware easily options., but other than that, everything should be mentioned that in addition to the wanhao i3 bootloader mainboard you turn... Have had no problems at all port is set to the motherboard / LCD box guess formating... Have good things to say about the wanhao i3 bootloader, we 'll be Marlin! And lower and position the nozzle board swap pins on the Marlin.ino file open. Your prints of soldering anything we can build a cable the past as people on groups. In addition to the EXT header on the spot you marked used in this video i explain to! Module to my Wanhao Duplicator i3 v2 is full assemblied 3d printer Parts – X/Y/E Stepper! Ui.Cpp find and replace “ BEEP_SHORT “ with “ //BEEP_SHORT ” extruder axis ), it shows fluctuation. Showing up startup screen, but unsure about v2.1 before you ATTEMPT to wire the to... Temperature, and then 2 ) flash the firmware you could always zip tie the wires along the outside 10! Should connect to four on the Wanhao Duplicator i3 v2 is full assemblied 3d printer but automatic... From the Melzi board in the menus and startup screen, but unsure about.... Header will be needed to wire in the Melzi board and flash the to!