The Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (1) For the purposes of this Act, there shall be constituted a Board to be known 4266 0 obj <>stream 3. This Act may be called the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956. "Ucence" means a licence granted by the Council under section 29; "medic:al practitioner" means a person who is registered to practice medicine or surgery under this Act and who possesses the qualifications under section 16; \ ., ' I ,, I ,r .,. without written prescription from the Registered Medical Practitioner 4. Publish Grounds of Decision. (2) The Minister shall not register a person as a medical practitioner unless the Minister is satisfied that the person — (a) has the physical capacity, mental capacity and skill required to competently Section 115 provides that a person must not knowingly or recklessly take or use the titles, ‘dental specialist’, ‘medical specialist’ or a specialist title for a recognised speciality unless the person is registered under that speciality. and approved qualifications, and of such other particulars as may be specified, of all persons who are entitled in accordance with the provisions of this Act to be registered as medical practitioners or dental surgeons and who apply in the specified manner to be so registered. Be it enacted by Parliament in the seventh year of the Republic of India as follows:- SHORT TITLE, EXTENT & COMMENCEMENT . 1 (m) "medical practitioner" means a person who is registered in the Medical Register or the Temporary and Limited Register %PDF-1.6 %���� U�ҏ�O��Û�w�翓�|�j��\���2"�Tw���-��V�w���6�O�d#BW��ay�Y?t)��V�t}��H/�\�m-lɈ��x��������ⶻ *T4��/ �J�0�`T��u�j�穯�V @i�v���I&N��UCLX\�}K�h���M����� [Act No. 0 In section 3 (1), in the definition of "registered medical practitioner", for "registered medical practitioner within the meaning of the Medical Practice Act 1994 " substitute "medical practitioner registered under the Health Professions Registration Act 2005 ". 2. Pre-hospitalization diagnostic procedures recommended by a Registered Medical Practitioner ninety (90) days prior to Hospital admission as a registered inpatient or day surgery for the treatment of the diagnosed Illness or Injury. Validity of registration. Its … (1) The Minister may register, or refuse to register, a person as a medical practitioner. 112 relating to annual practising certificates shall apply to the certificate of registration. Contact Us. (aa) if anyone is registered under section 18A, the emergency powers doctors list, (b) (c) the visiting overseas doctors list, and (d) the list of visiting medical practitioners from relevant European States. h��[�oɑ�W��FΞ~?�egu���,'B�WbdbeR������Uu���HǹK>�bϣg����U�5q�ʼn�i� �Ձ��X�>^Ol�80g ��%�7�Oy?�1��À�ȇ���2?B�Y�a��4:E���C��`�0j�CK���U7љ�`}�.��w�ugϺ�w��t����n'ϻ�wt���z}�\���/�^��������^��ޮW���;�p�����':����������ի)㉮��39���+���r����7����D��r2��������������j�8M�eVv�z���^FZ���^��'���κw����P'yǬ�������r����l�Zo^��!�����~�4��o~���j3�,��9�����D��������� |�*�q��u��ˋ�ņpOTܿ���X�~�L����B��p:wo�淏ǫ|~��m�"(ŷ@j��7�o矖w_���\�?�K˻h� 13 of 1978, Sch.] [F135 (3) A person provisionally registered under this section shall be deemed to be registered under section 19 above as a fully registered medical practitioner so far as is necessary to enable him to participate in an acceptable programme for provisionally registered doctors but not further. You shall as soon as possible after the happening of any Injury in respect of which a claim is to be made procure and follow medical advice from a duly Registered Medical Practitioner. • a registered medical practitioner who may, but need not practise in the field of gender dysphoria. registered medical practitioner means a medical practitioner who possesses any recognised medical qualification as defined in clause (h) of section 2 of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 (102 of 1956), whose name has been entered in a State Medical Register and who has such experience or training in gynaecology and obstetrics as may be prescribed by rules made under this Act. manner provided by section 11. B.L.R.O. (3) Medical practitioners shall be registered as fully registered medical practitioners or (1) Every medical practitioner or dentist registered under this Act who desires his name to be retained on the register after the thirty-first day of December of any year shall, not later than the first day of December of that year make an … Conveyance of the Maid from Singapore to her country of origin following her Permanent Disablement as a result of an Injury or Illness, which is beingcertified by a Registered Medical Practitioner to be medically unfit to perform the usual duties as a Maid. The registered medical practitioner should immediately forward the report to the investigating officer and the investigating officer should immediately send it to the magistrate under Section 173. In order to ensure there is no duplication of statutory duty, this requirement is not referred to in the Notification of Deaths Regulations. Controlled if copy number stated on document and issued by … *Q�S����%R�F�'�[ ��*ؔPF���!���x�n����K��2T�At|����h�(f�;�G��㢊�#�k���k�Uo�?�}%�pݞ�Kd;�J��qa�qI e���C���o�Vl5�'�����o $��������������s������������b����x�T|�DZ乹��D~:��o糧6h�+W���[;ĩ��Uf{�˓x�m��p�9��Zi��_���e���5�V����5��z��� : M��S K��2y�Q��P�e0��(�dv��w�� ��Kmec��#b�Բ��e�x�w���8�u.��W̞�5ܐ�����i �!��4l���s�����U�[��R)��t� ��DL�j:���գSQs1��@�*��n�,���T��,�(蔭�{$��ʓ�)8損��_2F���R���c��:Ձ�y��Jv��P��u����v��N��lնX5:�t�3�4'�;g����6�&Ot�$3�n��bf9j�Q��ӱ��`%|+pw�}N��f� q������� =͔*����P�a��{�����3�{��#������5��(nć�M�:���[�{��[����s�LYp��{E���"�ƾD|�� �W�� All contents of the excluding publicly sourced documents are Copyright © 2013-. 1. “ registered ”, in relation to a medical practitioner, means registered under section 46, 47, 48, 49 or 50; “ registered dentist ” means a person whose name is entered in the Register of Dentists established under the Dentists Act 1985; (i) regulations made under section 13 (2) of the Health (Pricing and Supply of Medical Goods) Act 2013, or (ii) a provision of the Health Identifiers Act 2014 applicable to the practitioner in his or her capacity (if any) as a health services provider within the meaning of section 2 of that Act. ���Y� ��'���Kc ��Ir��q���$�H��D�dz6ʽ��/�2���{�>nH^�'�M>��H�$�d.��:W��>}ߥ��NrLRΐ�0����D�׽��pB ���8��|� פ��h�}�[@��x���1�����ׇ@�u���:9�r���3C��}�;�`�X��zr� m�4O�v\���$�:���>�x!n���D�^��ߌ���tJ-� Z4�"�cݝ��7:ƹUr�h�i�hE۬�C�@|C� *`�*0�OdO�e�c�р8A ��"1x!�~b���8?ed�0i� *�s��Z��G��Zb���|�Xi+ѣ�tM�ٗo��23Ң���msLN�VF(D���⠵J�!